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Today was much more interesting and full of laughs. I got to hang out with a load of amazing people gathering around one of my best friends as we celebrate her babies pending arrival! We shared lots a laughter, happy memories and most importantly – cake!

It was one of those days, full of moments that made me realise I do mean a lot to someone and that I should feel proud that I am the kind of person who people like to be around. I was invited to take part in an extremely personal celebration, told that I make others feel completely comfortable and I have been trusted with details that no-one else can know. I keep forgetting these things. Over and over I torture myself, wondering if I have annoyed or upset someone or that they might not like me. And if I know they don’t, I obsess over the reason that might be.

Recently, I have realised that not everyone has to like me and I don’t have to mind or let it bother me in the slightest. I tried for so long to please as many people as possible and do you know what? It’s exhausting, frustrating, never ending, impossible, ridiculous. Some people can never be pleased. Some people will instantly dislike you for what ever reason, jealousy being the main culprit. But, that’s ok. That’s the stuff that poisons your life, they poison their own lives and close proximity to this poisons you and I refuse. I refuse to give that power to someone that cannot begin to understand what type of a responsibility that is any longer. I’m done.

I have close friends who care about me and I can add something to their lives as they add to mine. I have beautiful memories and nobody can take those or my friends from me.

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