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Today my day was average. I attended meetings and worked my way through my Friday. I don’t have much to show for my evening bar a pile of newly washed laundry. I have no clue what to write about as my day has been uneventful, but I promised myself I would write everyday and so here I am. 

I feel unsatisfied today and yet I am finding it difficult to pin point exactly why this is. Does anyone else have moments like these?

I want to write as much as possible but it is not easy when you are in a relationship. You need to devote time to your other half and I feel like I am sacrificing precious hours with LSH (long suffering husband) when I sit down and spend time on my laptop and it never feels like that is acceptable. 

I’m off for a bedtime hot chocolate with said LSH and I promise to have something interesting to reflect on tomorrow.




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