About the Blog

My blog is here to help me reflect on my day and reach conclusions about things I used to brush off as irrelevant. A way for me to express things that I don’t have the confidence to venture out loud. It’s my voice. But only temporarily, as I plan to use this blog to unblock my insecurities and release my ideas on the world!

I have also recently added a few extra pages with more focused post areas – Beauty and Bible. In these I will post about the lessons I have learned while learning to makeup properly (yes, that’s right, I used makeup as a verb!) and the thoughts and feelings I encounter on my spiritual journey.

Some of you may like it, some of you may not.

Either way I don’t care. It’s for me.

About Me

I am a walking contradiction.

I know exactly what I want. I know exactly what I don’t want. And on certain days can also be unsure of both.

I’m a pain in the ass. Although, I have managed to find someone who thinks I’m worth the trouble (My long suffering husband). I’m unsure if he knows what he is letting himself in for.

Some days I like change. Somedays I can’t stand it.

I like to be girly but I love being a tomboy sometimes.
I like dancing in the rain but I adore the sunshine.
I like lazy days but I love walking the countryside for hours and hours.
I like looking at photos but I love taking them more.
I love reading and writing.
I love driving and cars.
I love singing and dancing, though I’m good at neither.


Thanks so much for reading.




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