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Today was a day filled with escapism. I read my kindle in bed before I get up in the morning, my Glamour magazine during the day as I do my errands around the house and when all is finished I end up plundering the seven seas on Assassin’s Creed. 

It is essential, it seems, in modern society to have multiple ways to escape the tedium of everyday life. We work, eat, work, sleep, work and look after the house every single day and it can make a lot of people feel tied down. LSH and I had always planned to travel but life seemed to happen and get in the way of these plans. We saved for a flat, for a house, for a wedding, for a honeymoon and now for another (larger) house. I pray that once we have bought the bigger house that will be it and we can use the extra money for holidays and cars, two of the three favourite things to do together… 😉

You can get stuck, like myself, waiting for your life to start. Sometimes you have to realise that this is your life. Saving up for the things you love and care for, preparing your life until it’s ready to be enjoyed is a journey, one that is hopefully full of happiness like the desitnation. Mine is and I’m thankful as I know there are people not as fortunate. It took me a while to get here, but I have arrived.

Theme tune for the day: Welcome to wherever you are – Bon Jovi. 





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