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June (2016) Favourites!

Okay, this was a draft I was going to publish last year…  But didn’t and now it’s massively late but oh well, bet this is a first – a year late blog post! Ironically it is still relvant, I still love the products and I just found out an hour ago that the third season of Jane the Virgin has been added to Netflix ❤ my nights this week are sorted 🙂

Enjoy x

Another first for me – a monthly favs post! I always enjoy reading them so I thought I would try out posting one. I hope you enjoy ❤

Mac Fix+. This stuff is life, it is everything. I use it at the end of my makeup routine to set my face and boy does it do it’s job! Not only does it make your face feel spritzed with moisture, but once it is dry I have watched The Notebook and come away with no panda eyes and no tear tracks*… Truly amazing.

*As long as you remember to dab at your cheeks and not swipe!

OGX KuKui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This formula is pretty thick, but once you get used to how long it takes to make it’s way out of the bottle you will appreciate it’s scent, I have been tempted on occasion to taste it… I haven’t though, obviously. You can instantly feel how the conditioner sleeks out your hair even when you are still in the shower. I love it, and best of all the scent lasts in my hair for days, something I don’t get with most other systems. Delicious.

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Powder. Subtle colour, not drying for my sensitive dry face, sets dewy foundation with a lovely glow – Who can say no to these pros?

Radox Shea Butter and Ginger scent. I haven’t specified what type of product as it comes in both a liquid hand soap and a bubble bath and I cannot get enough of either! Every time I get a whiff of it it makes me smile. No idea why but its just so pleasant.


Jane the Virgin. I know its not a beauty related fav but I’m hooked. I started watching the first season on Netflix as the trailer for the second season intrigued me and I have not been able to stop myself binge-watching! Unfortunately, I have caught up to the real time releases on TV so I have to limit myself to one per week… Torture. The show is full of laughs and is lovely and lighthearted.

Please let me know below what your favourites were in May or link your own posts so I can check them out 🙂


3 thoughts on “June (2016) Favourites!

  1. Jane the Virgin looks great! I have seen it pop up a few times, might need to try and watch it! How many seasons are there?xo

    1. Season Three on UK Netflix and Season four is due in October me thinks! It’s one of the sweetest shows I’ve watched and makes me giggle every episode, well worth a watch 🙂

      1. Oh wow! I’ll have a look at the first episode tomorrow and see if I like it!🎉xo

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