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Getting my shit together!!

Okay, so once again my lovelies – I have neglected this blog… For over a year… After basically JUST starting it.

I NEED to get my shit together!

So, I will give you a small (and I’ll attempt to be brief) update on the things that have been going on.

  1. I moved back to Aberdeenshire. But my husband continued to commute back and forth from Carlisle – rubbish situation and has been just a tad stressful! But we’ll get there!
  2. I started my own business! Doing Gelish nails and selling beauty products! I love doing nails, it’s so creative and you get to yap all day. Perfect for someone who jabbers all the time like me!
  3. I got a puppy!! And not just any puppy – A Hovawart puppy! My family has always had them and my Granny was the first person to bring one to the UK so I have always wanted one. They are my version of an ideal dog and now Lucky is in my life and I’m thrilled and loved to death. (He is the massive one at the bottom and only just a year old now)IMG_6550.JPG
  4. Anyway, doing nails wasn’t bringing in enough dollar to the household in 2017 so I had to look for some more full time work and ended up… Right back at Stork! Oh the irony! But I’m doing something more suited to me and my team are fab people 🙂
  5. I’m still carrying on selling my beauty products and after a little slump (not unlike the one this blog has suffered through) I am getting back on it and things will no doubt be mentioned here from time to time.
  6. I started Slimming world. I am four weeks in at this point and let me tell you that first week is the hardest, followed closely by this week as I am feeling rebellious! It’s going well, I have lost 5 lbs so far and have 19 to go. It’s a long way but the fact its taking a while and I’m limiting my sweet tooth has FINALLY given me the motivation to….
  7. Work Out! That’s right… I have started working out… It’s okay, you are still on the planet Earth. I’m actually feeling really good about it, which is a first for me as I always usually feel worse. When I struggle I just remember the utter heartbreak I feel when hubby can eat a donut and I’m stuck with my cereal bar… No thanks! It’s still a really new development but something just feels different this time.
  8. Family weddings, new niece/nephew on the way and people moving about Scotland has made for a very hectic few months!
  9. And finally… I am STILL trying to figure out my place in this world… I’m slowly getting there and yet again all roads lead back to this blog. As an exercise I asked myself to finish this sentence: “When I grow up I want to be…” and my answers came out a little like this:
  • A Mummy
  • A Writer
  • A Photographer – I just need to get out and practice again!
  • Artful – Something to do with weddings?
  • Instagramer
  • Makeup Artist  (I only like doing my own makeup.)
  • Makeup? YouTuber
  • Skinny
  • Fit
  • Healthy

So there we have it. I just need to get my shit together to make this happen now. I’ve done my focusing exercise and know where I want to aim and now I just have to get there 🙂

I hope you are all well. Leave a comment and let me know what you want to be when you grow up…

(P.S – Don’t give me that bull about “I want to be happy and have a good job and enough money not to worry about bills.” That’s great, everyone wants those things though – dig deeper and figure out what each of those things specifically mean to YOU. I want to know you!)

Thanks guys,

All the best!


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