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Review – Mac Pro Longwear Foundation


Welcome to my first review post! #excited

As the title suggests I am reviewing the Mac Pro Longwear Foundation, which I have been using for the past six to seven months. I bought this as I have a really bad habit of touching my face throughout the day and in doing so rub off non-longwearing foundation. After a substantial amount of research I arrived at Pro Longwear.

A side note – In future I plan to write short initial impression posts and then a final review post for each product but I will combine the two on this occasion.

So here we go!

Mac suggests the following as the key claims and benefits of this foundation:

  • Long-wearing, 15 hours
  • Transfer-resistant
  • Oil-free
  • Controls oil
  • Provides stay-true colour
  • Sweat- and humidity-resistant
  • Photo-friendly
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • For all skin types

I can confirm with emphatic enthusiasm that this foundation does NOT move for the entire 15 hours claimed. I am impressed, even my habitual face smudging did not bother this foundation in the slightest. It is also transfer resistant, I never once had it come off on my clothes or my husband, a fact we are both happy to report, haha! To really make sure this stuff doesn’t move finish off your makeup with a spritz of Mac Fix+. Let me tell you a story to illustrate just how hard wearing this combo is. After applying my makeup one day I realised, with horror, the outfit I had chosen was a black turtleneck that I then had to don ever so carefully over my full face of makeup. And let me tell you – absolutely no problem for this dynamic duo. Big thumbs up Mac!


While the above is brilliant news it does also mean that taking it off at nighttime is a bit of a pain in the ass. I made sure to use a makeup wipe and wash my face with Clinique liquid soap each night and finish with a cleanser cotton pad swipe to make sure every smidgeon was off. Overkill? Maybe.

Anyway, lets move on. I feel it is definitely oil-free as claimed. I have a mega oily chin and sometimes you can see the shine from space. Beautiful, I know. While this didn’t stop my oil from showing through I do feel it handled it better than another foundation I have used so the oil control claim seems fair.

I was colour matched in the height of summer to a NC35, which really matched me well. Something to be aware of it the oxidisation. I noticed that about two minutes after it is applied it becomes slightly more orange than initial application, so keep an eye out for this when matching your colour. However, after the first couple of minutes it settles and that colour does then stay true for the rest of the day so I can also stand by this claim from the above list. It also comes in 22 shades for a good selection and choice.

I am shamed to say it but I have, on occasion, donned this foundation before my at home workout session and then bummed around the house for most of the day without showering. I can hear you screaming “Gross” at the screen! I can confirm this foundation as sweat resistant. I did it for you guys really, I did it to give you a full and honest review today… Honest! I suppose I could have told you that I walked my dog out in the pouring rain and the foundation held up damn well instead of dropping that truth bomb on you there. Oh well, sorry folks!

I don’t agree with the claims to be photo-friendly or for all skin types. In order to be either of these things, I think you would have to invest in a very particular set of primers. The flash back on this foundation is less than most of it’s kind but I found it washed me out in flash photography. I wouldn’t recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin. I have an extremely dry section around my nose and my cheeks can be sensitive and I found this foundation sits in my smile lines and looked slightly cakey and flaky. To combat this I loved to mix it with a pump of Loreal Lumi Magique Base to sheer it out. This also helped with application, as the foundation is so thick and sticky, applying it with a brush was difficult as you had to work quickly and stipple to avoid brush strokes. A damp beauty blender might also help here, but I didn’t have a chance to check for you guys.


Natural and indoor lighting shots for your reference. All in all I loved this foundation, and highly recommend if you want a foundation that won’t move an inch, this is certainly the one for you but I would avoid or invest in a very hydrating primer if you have drier skin.

Hope you liked my first review. It would mean a lot if you could comment below and let me know what you think and any feedback!

Thanks folks!

❤ Gini


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