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Hair Diary – What I learned

I noticed my latest hair posts haven’t engaged a lot of people and so, in an effort to keep everything interesting for my beautiful followers, I am changing tactics 🙂 Rather than detailing my entire hair diary, as I was, I will explain the important things I learned throughout my journey and pass on m new wisdom to you my lovelies…

Okay, so the first couple of tips in my list are based on the “usual” hair care tips and everyone probably knows them already, but I’m stubborn and have only now come to these conclusions, haha!

  • I noticed no change in the condition of my hair by washing it less.
  • Dry shampoo is your best friend.
  • The “hardness” of the water you wash in is a massive contributor. I have found the rule is – the harder the water, the harder your hair is to manage. I know that areas in the UK suffer from hard and sometimes undrinkable water. Unfortunately, I am unsure about other areas of the world, sorry!
  • It’s okay to leave your hair unwashed/greasy some days. I am more aware of my greasy roots than anyone else, when asked others do not notice on days I think is horrendous. Also, backcombing helps hide grease in an updo!
  • Little finishing touches help to camouflage unwashed hair. One example, I have shorter whispy bits cut in above my ears and I have learned that curling these bits when my hair is in simple pony helps make it look like I put more effort in. Win!
  • Try out different types of products. Oil works in my hair to help look moisture into my split ends and the clay products did help extend time between washes by limiting grease at my roots. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Everyone is different and therefore no one hair use applies to everyone. You have to experiment to find what works for you and this takes time. Be patient.
  • Accept things you cannot change. A few years ago I decided to have a whole head of blonde highlights which, for someone as dark haired as me, involves a heck of a lot of bleach and therefore damage. But that was what I wanted at the time, I just have to remember how much I loved it then, stick by my decision and accept the consequences. Just as with everything else in life.
  • Think outside of the box. Lets face it, I should have my bleach-damaged ends chopped off. Not just the trims I have been getting, but cut it right back to the healthy section which for me is above shoulder length. *freaks out*. this is why I pushed down my fear and started researching shorter cuts and I find I keep being caught by Brunette/Blonde Ombre Lob (Long-Bob) cuts. Lets break this down and look more closely: Lob – Good idea, gets rid of seventy percent of my unhealthy ends. Ombre: Bad idea, puts me in exactly the same position as I am in with bleach damaged hair. Lob – Bad idea,  scares me, I’m used to and really enjoy having long hair. I’m always envious of Holly Marie Combs luscious locks. I am extremely nervous to cut it all off incase it actually did not help it grow more healthily and then be that much further from my hair goals. But I’m rambling, back to the point (and a revelation hit me at this point) – Ombre: Good idea, ends are already damaged so I can dye them again with little further damage! This story is the long way to say that timing is everything; including your hair style. If this was the past I wouldn’t have considered it as it wasn’t the trend and if this was the future this style would be out of the question because I have prioritised health above looks. This style fits this time. Timing is everything.


  • Accept your outer self. We are encouraged to accept who we are on the inside so the same is true of your outer self. I’ve learned to say – this is my hair and I am going to own it.

Please come and chat below and share any hair revelations you have? What do you think of my tips/advice above?

I hope my list helps you in some way. 🙂

All the best,

❤ Gini

*Images from Google Image Search


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