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Hair Saga – Week Two

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So my second week endeavouring to improve the state of my hair went a little something like this…

Eighth day 15th Feb

This may sound weird but I have just realised that all of the above days I haven’t had to use my straightener once… So my hair has definitely improved, fuzzy-wise, as I only ever used to use them to reduce the frizz in the end (ironically). I wonder how well a curl would hold in my hair now…. Maybe I should get some rollers to curl them without heat…? Ooo, the possibilities! Other than this really unobservant observation, it is normal second day hair for Gini here!

Ninth day 16th Feb

Last night I slept with my luscious locks in a loopy bun on my head as the bed we are staying in currently is not very comfortable and deathly cold so Alex and I have been snuggling more than usual and my hair likes to attack him in the night. And I’m going to be honest with you, I went out on a very long walk with my four legged friend and kept it up until the evening when I went for a shower. I dry shampooed it and it was fine enough to wear down and interestingly not kinked from having it up in the shower! This could be a fluke but we will see!

Tenth day 17th Feb

I am drowning in greasy! Little dramatic, but you get the picture. I showered and then bathed it in dry shampoo and it really helps the look of the hair. Even though this is the last day before I wash it again I feel like I could brave the world with it down as long as I was working a full face of makeup. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like a gal’s hair can be messy as hell as long as her makeup is on point and she will be rocking it. (Unless you are one of these lucky ladies who looks fab without makeup also. I am NOT one of these people. Once I post it, check out my skin blog, you’ll see what I mean. Go on, check out those dark eye bags, I dare you!) I don’t feel it works the other way around but that could just be me, what do you guys think?

I’m a little tempted to carry on not washing it to see how it carries on this week. I wonder if I stopped washing it for like three weeks would it’s natural oils spread all the way down the lengths? Who knows, I’m not brave enough to find out, haha!

Eleventh day 18th Feb

Very surprised at how dry my roots are and I feel its solely down to the awesomeness of the Aussie dry shampoo. They are better this morning than they were when I got up yesterday so something must be working its magic, girls! My hair always feels brittle and full of knots when I have used dry shampoo in the past. But, with this one I notice that my hair still has that powdery/textured quality of having used dry shampoo without it being thick enough to feel crispy (totally struggling to find the technical term). I can’t help but wonder if dry shampooing before bed would be beneficial for me and my tossing and turning would rub it in better and give a better finish in the mornings? Something to try me thinks!

Anyway, today is definitely a bun day. I’m going to wait and wash it this afternoon after my walk though.

Twelfth day 19th Feb

Had a wash today and followed my usual shampoo and conditioner and then some of my split end mender but I let it dry naturally. It dried a lot quicker than usual but I’m not sure if that’s to do with the harder water where we are in Carlisle compared to the soft water at home. Either way, it dried to a fuzzy mess! I kept patting it down and resolved to run my straighteners over it before I went out for girls night this crazy Friday night (at the bingo… That’s right, crazy times) however, we were delayed leaving so I didn’t have anytime to put my make up on or sort my hair. Luckily, by the time I went out the frizz had died down a bit so it was just a bit wavy, apart from my fringe which always looks like I’ve had it pinned in tight knots overnight! I just kept smoothing the crazy locks back into the rest of my hair and soldiered on through the night. Suffice it to say, I am not a fan of air drying my hair so far. Damn you, hair who can’t stand heat.

Thirteenth day 20th Feb

Not a lot to write today, it’s been a stressful day to say the least. Instead of showering with my hair up and dry I left it down and got it soaking, then blow dried it with some split end mender and it looked fine, if a little stiff. I was meant to get it cut and coloured today but due to an unforeseen family emergency, I wasn’t able to. Apologies for not being talkative today it’s been a really bad day. 😦

Fourteenth day 21st Feb

Attempted to get booked in again to have my locks trimmed and coloured, so we shall see how that goes. I should really dry shampoo it today as the crown at the back of my head looks rather greasy but I have decided to leave it in case my hairdresser can see me today, don’t want it covered in something that might prevent the dye sticking! I have pulled it all back into a high pony and I’m attempting to train my barnet to lose its parting. I’ve always loved being able to push my hair out of my face anyway and have it sit high without a set parting and its been so long since my hair has done that as I had a fringe cut in. To my delight it’s almost long enough to manage this again! Wish me luck!

I realise now I really should have taken pictures to go along with my posts…

How are you all getting on? If you have any hair tips please send them my way!


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