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Hair Saga – Week One

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As I started my hair diary back in February and hadn’t started my blog properly at that point I think it is best if I post seven days worth of entries once a week until I catch up with real-time. So, here we go!

First day 8th Feb

Love, love, love it so far! My hair feels a little thicker, definitely more volume at the top, no grease, it is as shiny as a diamond and the ends are certainly more bonded. Not very healthy, but bonded. It has its swish factor back. This will be a unit of measurement going forward here – swish. 🙂 Definition of swish you ask? It is that feeling when you move your head around and your hair feels like you are the star of one of those Herbal Essences adverts. So I would rate it as being half a swish at the moment. 👍🏽

Second day 9th Feb

Today my hair still feels soft, did I mention it was so damn soft yesterday? Well it was and today it is similarly soft. I’m trying so hard not to fiddle with it too much and add grease from my hands but it feels so good. 😩 The ends are still bonded after a night of tossing and turning and while it is a bit kinky (🐯) it isn’t frizzy at the ends or greasy at the top. I’d call this a win! I’m going to get in the shower and have a wash, I’ve tied it back and have on a hideous pink vintage style shower cap to keep it as dry a I can. Wish me luck!


It’s not bad, I’m surprised by how silky it is still. Usually when I come within seven-foot of a water droplet it turns into a fuzzy mess. It’s not as nice as it was before I went in the shower but it has to be done and I’m having a lazy day in the house so I’m not going to do anything further with it, I’ll even be adventurous and leave it down! I have to say, using this Kukui shampoo and conditioner system makes my hair feel more how it used to be before this yuck stage came along. I feel as though I could manage to go forth into the public eye with this barnet styled with dry shampoo tomorrow or maybe an up-do but we shall see. I really want to get to a place where I can wash it every fourth day instead of every two. Hair goals!

Third day 10th Feb

Okay, here we are, the one I was dreading. I woke up and the ends are only a tiny smidgen fluffier than yesterday but still rather manageable, so I am pleased. The roots were flat and a little greasy if I’m honest but nothing a good messy bun didn’t sort out. I have now been for a bath and had a bit of a sweat (lovely! NOT!) and after the roots dried I can evaluated the dry shampoo requirements. It needed a quick spritz but can stay out of its bun confines for today if I run the straighteners over my fringe once. This makes me happy as I’m one step closer to my goal, yippee! Also, my hair still smells AWESOME! Cannot recommend this shampoo and conditioner enough right now!

Fourth day 11th Feb

Today was travel-home-to-Aberdeen day so I caved and washed my hair knowing I was going to feel rubbish sitting in the car all day so wanted a little pick me up. Looks and smells amazing for today! Swish! The flakiness that came about after my foray into baby shampoo territory has vanished, thank GOODNESS! I don’t think I would have handled another hair mishap very well! The Loreal split end treatment does seem to be working somewhat. I’m just going to be honest with you, my ends were split multiple times along each strand and this seems to have bonded them down to the end split. I now just have the usual small end ones, which is brilliant. I’m getting my hair trimmed next week so that should get rid of the ones that are left, I’m excited!

Fifth day 12th Feb

Myself and the hubby did nothing today. Not. A. thing. Travelling is really taking it out of us and so we chilled and enjoyed being home again but my hair stayed up all day so not much to report to you guys and I don’t want to bore you with our laziness. Short story being that my second day hair is always a very similar situation, it is just a slightly toned down version of wash day hair. Going forward I think I will use these day to let you know how I get on if I have air-dried my hair the night before, etc or maybe use it to review one of the products I’m using in a more in-depth manner.

Hope you have a fab day!

Sixth day 13th Feb

This is a blog, and hopefully a helpful one, not a mundane one so I’m going to drop a truth bomb – today was the same as yesterday. Still loving the smell, had to spray a bit of dry shampoo and as I have the Aussie stuff it overpowers the scent of the Kukui which upsets me a little, because it is one of the most delicious smells I have had the pleasure of sniffing. Although the Aussie stuff smells beautiful in its own way but I just prefer the nuttiness of the former compared to the floral scent of the Aussie – but that’s just my personal preference! 🌺

Seventh day 14th Feb

Once again today was travel day so I cleansed my fro 😎 but I noticed today that the ends were not happy with me at all for doing this. When I wash my hair I shampoo twice, the first time with hardly any shampoo and the second with a normal amount and that way it suds up nice and thick and I only ever rub my roots. In fact the only time the shampoo touches the ends is when I rinse it! And then when I condition I start at the ends and work up to about three-quarters of the way and then leave it so as not to add to the greasiness of my scalp. I’m obviously going to need to be firmer in my resolve to not wash it as much if I’m upsetting my split ends.

And yes, for Valentine’s day we travelled in the car all day, but it was still nice spending time together 🙂

To be continued!

I hope you enjoyed this first diary post and it wasn’t boring your socks off. Let me know what you think, your thoughts are always appreciated. Do you agree a weeks worth of entries each post is the way to go?

Hope you are all well


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