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Hair Diary Cont.

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A continuation of my previous post Hair Dairy

I tried a few more methods to try and sort out my untamed locks! I’ve listed them below for you.

Baby shampoo

I really wanted to start using more natural or less harsh chemicals in my hair. So I decided to try baby shampoo and a decent conditioner. My thinking was that if it was delicate enough for a baby’s head then it was for mine too! You learn something new everyday and I now know why even the darkest haired teenagers sometimes started out blonde as babies. This stuff lightened my hair so much! I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Now that I have grown up (somewhat) I actually prefer my dark hair and so this was not ideal. And to top it all off my scalp started to flake too (sexy, I know) so this stuff was promptly thrown out and and I bought this bad boy below. I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce the name.


(Apologies for the crap photo!)

Dry shampoo

To assist with cutting down the amount of times I wash my hair I invested in some dry shampoo. I used to hate the stuff when it first came out but I can only assume they have improved the formula and now there is a whole load of brands doing their own versions so I will jump on board for the sake of my tresses. To be honest, so far I love the ones I use as long as I am putting my hair up as it makes it fuller and more textured and thus sticks in styles more, like a less crispy hairspray! I still dislike the stuff if my hair is down as it loses so much swish factor 😩 I do not find the aforementioned qualities in an up-do desirable in a free flowing look.

Split end mender

I invested in a treatment that you smooth through your wet hair and it is supposed to fuse the ends together for a sleeker look, especially for split ended peoples (and I am their Queen) so we shall see how I get along with this little gem.

And so this is the routine I have settled on – New Shampoo& Conditioner, split end mender, less washing and more dry shampooing (is that even a word?)

Yes, that was the longest intro ever but you’ll get used to my rambling eventually, maybe even grow to love it. From here on in I shall keep a diary and let you know what worked and what didn’t while sprinkling in the odd product review also.

I feel like I am changing so many variables at the same time that I won’t be able to narrow it down to the most helpful tip for you guys but I have reached the end of my patience for it unruliness. 25 years of mucking about is enough me thinks!

❤ Gini


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