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The Move


Gini BannerMyself and my husband are currently in the process of relocating to Carlisle in England (just) from Aberdeen in Scotland. It’s been a few months in the making and we are yet to find a place to stay. Up until this point we have been staying in holiday letting accommodation on a weekly, and sometimes bi weekly, basis and so there has been a lot of packing up and unpacking, house viewing, house enquiry, missing out on house, cleaning, walking, working out and then starting all over again. This week there has been a little progress so wish us luck over the next few days please! I’ll let you know how we get on.

I have also been in a stinking mood for the last few weeks. I cannot seem to shake it and I do feel sorry for my husband. He gives as good as he gets but I am even annoying myself so it must be ten times worse for him. My skin and my hair have also been effected so we are wondering if I have some sort of hormone imbalance or the stress of the constant upheaval is getting to me. (Let’s face it ladies, living out of a suitcase for two weeks on holiday is one thing but doing it for seven weeks is not on.) As I am two hundred miles away from my Doctor during the week and only at home at weekends it is going to be tricky getting a confirmed diagnosis and treatment for acute bitchy-ness.

During this kind of mood I want to be alone a lot, which is something I rarely like. But I love to sink into reading as an escape. I have been reading a set of books that have had me enthralled and as a result I have not been writing. There were a couple of days that I really tried but no words came to me and there is no point in forcing it.

I’m hoping now that I have acknowledged I am being a twit that I will be able to recognise the behaviour before I unleash it on the nearest unsuspecting victim. (I’m not kidding, I was walking through a supermarket and this woman cut in front of me. I felt this wave of rage sweep through me and I realised I wanted to drop kick her for her bad manners. This cannot be normal!) Yikes!

Anyway, if I seem sporadic with my posts these are my excuses and I’m sticking to them. 🙂

Hope you all are well


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