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Spring has almost arrived!

Have you ever felt something in the air? The way once-upon-a-time sailors could sense a storm coming from afar or people who can taste snow on it’s way? Well, today on our walk I sensed Spring making it’s sure and steady way to the UK (or rather the North of the UK). Living in Aberdeenshire (for the moment, explanation to come later) it is one of the last places in Great Britain to experience any sort of pleasant weather.

Having moved from Swindon, Wiltshire to Perth, Scotland and onto Aberdeen I am still to this day surprised at how large a difference there is in the weather across such a small island. Several times a week I speak on FaceTime with my Swindon-bound Grandad and he tells me how he walked to the shops without a jacket on while I drop to the floor in shock that he risked catching Pneumonia, only to be told that the sun is shining and its over 20 degrees and I don’t have to worry. On the same day I had to defrost my car to go to the shops in Aberdeenshire!

It is five hundred and twenty three miles between us and the worst of the weather always ends up here in the North of Scotland. No wonder everyone is always grumpy here.

However, today I was walking along and admiring the sunny (but still wet) day and the small but lovely flowers fighting to bloom in the harsh and changeable air. One tiny set of crocus adorning a mud patch and bunches of delicate snow drops that have come out in the shady parts of the lanes all put a grin on my face as I walked in the sunbeams. The days of battling through snow to walk my dog felt like a distant memory (rather than the scant three days ago it was in reality) and spring really felt as though it was about to jump out at me from behind the next tree.

I can not put my finger on exactly how I could tell, it was a change in the air, the chill of winter has been banished for a soggy sort of warmth and for the first time in a long time there is no breeze in the air. A brisk walk meant I was too hot inside my winter coat and opening it was pleasant rather than the previous biting cold against warm skin.


IMG_5057IMG_5053 IMG_5055


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