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Hair Diary

Hair Diary

Okay, first step to recovery, I believe, is admitting there is a problem and by gosh there was one! My hair had become so dry and damaged at the ends but at the root it was thin and greasy and every time I looked in the mirror I wanted to shave it all off. And don’t get me started on not washing it for a day. And so began my quest to rebuild my hair while persevering to gain more length. (Technically I am already part way through my hair diary but I didn’t have the guts to post my results online. I hope there won’t be any but please forgive me if you spot any timeline issues!)

I had a few options which most people recommend in my circumstances – no heat tools, getting it cut, washing it less, change hair products, intensive mask of some sort, etc. All of which I will go through for you now and over the next few posts the rest of the methods I have tried so far.

No heat. 

This is great in theory and hats of to all you gals that can rock naturally dried hair but I, under no circumstances, should be allowed to leave the house looking like I do when I attempt this. I have been able to boil this down to two main reasons. Dreaded frizz being one and the other being that clearly in the night time I sleepwalk outside in some sort of hurricane (it’s the only reason I can see that my hair would wake up being so stubborn and unruly). If I’m honest, I have tried this multiple times with varying results and have been unable to narrow down the reasons behind the inconsistency. I should get on that, so I will try them again in the future and report back to you.

Options to try –

  • Sleeping in a messy bun
  • Go to sleep wet and free
  • Go to sleep wet and braided
  • Air dry in the morning free
  • Air dry in the morning braided
  • Air dry in the morning in a messy bun

I notice a visible difference in my hair if I use my GHDs to curl or straighten my hair more often, I see the split ends worsening and the ends become dryer before my very eyes and for this reason I have never straightened my hair fully. I do on occasion curl it though.😱 When I do straighten it I don’t section it and I run the tongs straight down the length quite fast so the heat doesn’t contact my hair for too long. I can’t imagine how it would look if I was a poker straight kinda gal. Me, I like a bit of volume.

In summary, aside from cutting out my blow dry this tip doesn’t help me too much and for now I will follow my normal drying routine and add this in later to see a clearer difference.

Get a trim.

This is a hard one for me. I feel like my hair grows painfully slowly, even though I I have never tested this theory. I also realised a while ago that it certainly doesn’t grow quicker than it breaks and here in lies my issues. If I am trying really to grow it then I have to effectively grow two inches of hair in between one inch trim times to continue browning it. Let’s face it, growing one inch only to have it cut of at trim time won’t help me towards growing it longer anymore than setting it on fire would.

I don’t know my hair growth cycle and I think I need to remedy this in order to understand my hair more. Up until this point I have always just taken a look in the mirror, noticed the ends look too awful to live with going forward and booked myself in the next available slot. I am worried I get less growth in the time between trims than is being taken off and hence my hair is getting shorter so I will learn my hairs routine and book in regular trims according to how quick my hair grows – and of course, I will report back.

Washing it less.

This is my ultimate goal. I currently wash it every other day and I and want to get this to every fourth day. Later on in March I am booked in for a trim and at the same time to dye it red so reducing the amount I wash it is really going to help with this change and keeping the colour vibrant! The photo below is my inspiration, what do you think?


Intensive mask of some sort.

I have started using pure and raw coconut oil masks. Because I am travelling right now I have only managed to do it once and I smelt so delicious 😂 like a macaroon! But I will add this into my routine once the travelling settles and let you know if this helps to improve my hair and also how the colour deals with it. I noticed using it seems to lighten my highlights significantly! Anyone else notice this at all? I currently have caramel highlights in chocolate brown hair and it seemed so much lighter to me, the next thing I tried also had this effect.


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