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If you have read the intro to my Makeup section then you have some understanding of my capabilities of doing makeup. So let me tell you about my ability with hair – it is non-existent! My usual styles are down and straight, down and curly (on the very odd occasion) and up in a pony (I’m not talking a lovely sleek pony, I’m talking about a poor abused donkey tail) and if I’m feeling brave I will attempt a messy bun. But…


I know I want long luscious locks and am part of the way there (they are long, but not long enough and not very luscious) but it splits a lot and is a bit of a nightmare. Its half towards being frizz and half way to being greasy, I cannot win! This collection of posts will be about my daily struggle to control my hair and all it’s crazy ways, new techniques I learn, like and attempt and any tips I come across that may help another in my situation!


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