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When I was younger I never worried about the future. Not worrying is all the fun of childhood, before consequences became things to consider multiple times on a daily basis. I certainly never applied this train of thought to my skin. Never considered that all the things I was doing (or not doing) to it could have an effect later. I used to go to the sun bed once a week for twelve minutes and never moisturised. I had no idea what skin type I was or why people needed so many lotions and potions. I was blessed with wonderful skin, I am thankful for this, as it kept me in the dark for a long while. I am now twenty-five and thinking about the future and noticed my skin starting to change slightly. I’m not talking major wrinkles and pigmentation but just that my wonderfully even and normal skin started to get dry in some areas and oily in others. As it began to bug me I decided it was about time ti starting to take care of my skin with a mind to the future. This collection of posts will be about what I learn and how I help my skin now and for the future.

At first posts will be a skin diary starting from the first few days I noticed a change and once those posts are done who knows where it will take me.


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