Blogs or Categories

I’m lost.

As mentioned previously, I am going to start up a Beauty Blog and a Bible study blog and I was wondering about the best way to do this. My options being:

  1. Set up thee separate blogs and post to them as and when required while linking to each other in the widgets or menu bars.
  2. Use this blog to post all types and categorise them into separate areas.

Which option do you feel would be best? What would be the best for you as a reader? And as you folk have a lot more knowledge of these blogging shenanigans which way would be easiest for me to maintain?

At first I was certain about setting up the three different blogs but having researched a bit it looks like most crazy big bloggers do it all in one and split into categories. Would doing it in one allow me to see which posts performed best in each category? Now that I think about it if it’s all in one then I won’t have seperate subscribers (is that what they call these here?) to each page and you lovely folk wouldn’t need to follow multiple accounts.

I might be a geek and set up a test blog with it all as one just to see how I like it… I don’t know!

Get it together Gini!

Help me folks!


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