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Snowy Day Delight

Something satisfying about seeing a Husky running around in the snow.

For the last two days the snow has visited on and off, much to my delight. It has been a perticularly wet winter and I haven’t had many chances to witness or partake in any snowy day antics. To set the scene picture an area, maybe the size of a small football pitch, covered in snow. The sun is shining and has actually melted a fair amount of it so the grass blades slice up reaching for the afternoon sunbeams. The sun has also melted away any snow that had been congregating on the pavements, bar any shadowy areas where it has turned into slush.

My dog has been ill with a sore on her belly and the vet urged us to keep her rested while on her medication. However, today Tsura (silent T) had other plans. It’s been a week since her last walk and she is obviously getting cabin fever being cooped up. I don’t blame her, I can immerse myself in a book all day but Tsura hasn’t learnt that talent yet… She kept herding me to the backdoor and whining to go out and pawing at my boots. I decided her natural instinct knew best and started to get ready. But where to take her? I don’t want to take her too far and push her too much on her first walk and as her illness stems from an opening on her little pink belly I didn’t want to walk her on the pavements or roads as they would be covered in salt and I couldn’t take her up the trails as they are very muddy with the melted snow. This left me with the small area described above that is hidden about a hundred years from our back door. Perfect – covered on snow still to keep the mud off her and hardly any salt walking. So we headed out.

When we arrived I noticed a sturdy snowman standing sentry over the park, built lovingly by the local children. We bid him hello and Tsura kissed his cheek and we carried on our way. After doing a few rounds so she could sniff every leaf, twig and patch twice I noticed she wasn’t as tired as I thought but was reluctant to carry on down the road, that left me with the option of running around with her.

I started out just running around erratically with Tsura hot on my heels, loving my change of directions and probably seeing a side to me she has not in a long while. She really paid attention, rapt by the giddiness that overtook me and my uncharacteristic behaviour.

I wish I could convey the peace I found in that moment, completely in tune with my fluffy friend and as we fall into pace again realising how beautiful it was. Sun beaming down on the untainted snow, air not quite cold enough to freeze my breath. Remembering how much I adore having my footprints be the first in the snow, as if no-one has ever laid their footprints in these spots before and God giving that honour to me. I ran around like a child, care-free in the moment, only concerned with making sure I put one foot in front of the other.

I think these moments are ones that all people long for day in and day out; moments of utter tranquility; free from the pressure of “what-comes-next-?” and always planning the next task. If you boil this feeling down, I think what we all long for is to be child-like again. The ultimate freedom – not bound by the pressures of life that comes with adulthood. And yet, these moments happen all around us every second and go unnoticed almost all of the time because we are so focused on preparing for the future or the tug of the feeling is ignored as it is not the behaviour that is expected of us past a certain age.

I realised two things in the exact moment I placed my boot in the snow once more. I realised in the past few years I endeavoured not to live in the past, to let go what has happened as I can no longer change it. In achieving this, I swung to the other end of the spectrum, now always living in the future. “What am I going to do next? What is the next step in our lives? I have done that so what is next?” I am constantly planning my next move in each day and in my entire life and as a result I am missing out the the amazing moments going on around me in the present. I now understand the advice often handed out about living in the moment. I also realised that it is fine to have moments to be silly. As long as you don’t have the selfishness of a child it is perfectly acceptable, if not preferable to have child-like moments of utter happiness.

I think most of us forget how to the be happy as we grow up, or its forced out of us by the trials of life. But there are a few select people on this Earth who retain an element of this and they may not be the most successful ones but they are the lucky ones who have unlocked the true riches of this life.

Hope I remember this feeling when I read back through this in years to come. I hope I remember that the key to my creativity was seeing the beauty in the now. I let go of all my thoughts of the future, of what I was going to do next and all expectations of me and instead took sheer joy in my surroundings in that one moment and this post is the result of that. The words have tumbled out of me into this post, when previously I wrestled with them to show themselves. If that isn’t proof enough then I don’t know what is.



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