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Blog Neglect

Wow. This is a serious issue guys.

It looks like it has been nearly two years since my last post!

That is rather shocking, added to the fact that I only wrote a handful of posts before giving up so long ago. Well, I will try again this year and we’ll see how we get on.I am aware of how annoying I am sometimes, occasionally I even annoy myself. Is that normal?

I commit to do many things and carry it on with a furious passion for all of a few weeks and then my motivation peters out into nothing. I do this with many things – this blog being one of them. All I can do is apologise for my neglect.

I’m being ambitious as I am going (to attempt) to start three blogs in total – a beauty blog, a bible blog and a blether blog (this one, full of random ass thoughts about weird stuff). That is a lot of B’s folks! I have yet to name the other two though so I will have to ponder this out in order to set them up. Please comment below if you have any ideas, thoughts or tips.

Wish me luck and I really hope you enjoy them!




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