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On the road with my rage.

I am not a calm person when I am driving. Today I was minding my own business on the way to work, following a route that usually is rammed with traffic, but today was clear. I approach a 90 degree bend to the right with a junction on the left when I see a lad in a M3 waiting to cross my lane. I flashed him… THREE TIMES. As I get more and more agitated I start pointing at him to go and he suddenly wakes up and powers across the road….

Excuse me? WHY are you sitting at a JUNCTION and not paying attention to the cars around you? That is your sole job at that moment in time!!! I’m yelling that he is a fucking retard by this point and cursing his idiotic car.

It’s maybe just me I don’t know how people can be so unobservant while driving. The best piece of advice I received growing up was made for this situation. “Drive like everyone else is an idiot.” Said my Gran – wise lady! Words I now live by.



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