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I don’t know why but I never liked with Cinderella, she was my least favourite Disney Princess. So, I’m going to try and figure it out during this post. 

Okay, so potential reasons I may not identify with her:

  1. She’s blonde. (But Ariel is a red head and I liked her fine.)
  2. She does lots of house work.
  3. She has two ugly siblings. (I only have one. JOKING.)
  4. She has a magical fairy. (I’m jealous.)
  5. The villain is her step-mother. (Cliché?)

Most of the other Princesses had to battle some kind of evil magic. Ariel and Ursula; Jasmine and Jaffar; Aurora and Maleficent; Snow White and the Wicked Queen and I believe that the reason I don’t like Cinderella is that the story is based around a girl who has a rubbish home life and a magic fairy appears and makes it all better. I feel that the other stories are far enough removed from reality to let children believe they are what they are; stories. Children watching Cinderella that are leading awful lives would garner some sort of hope this fairy would appear and fix it all. Unfortunately, this is not the case with a lot of these types of situations as depressing as that is. 

Cinderella is not a strong and confident role model. She meekly accepts the awful things her step-mother and sisters do to her, knowing they are unjust. Belle sassed Gaston and even sassed the Beast at times. Ariel had the courage and determination to make a deal with an evil octopus. Jasmine constantly argued with Jaffar. I think… think that I why I didn’t find her particularly inspiring. Although, I am still not sure. 




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