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Overwhelmed (Cont.)

Following on for one of my earlier posts regarding a lack of time to complete all of the thing in my life that I want to do I am continuing the subject on with the lack of available time to travel all of the places we want to travel.

We want to see India, Thailand, Mauritius, Maldives, New Zealand, China, France, New York, Germany, Morocco, everywhere.

Some of these places are not easy to see while you have children. Oh yeah, that reminds me; I also want to have four children. (I wanted all four by the time I hit thirty. This is no longer possible as I would have to have one every 18 months, and thats if I start right now.)

Do I travel now and have children later, or have children now and travel later? Of course there will be traveling during, but not the same type.

My LSH is seven years older than me and is so laid back about these things. He says things like “We will figure it out.” (Why not now.) “It will happen.” (Only if we make it.) “We have plenty of time.” (Really?) “Everything will fall into place.” (Oh. My. Gosh.) It’s a little infuriating when I driving myself insane with anxiety over the lack of time! I don’t even know why I feel like this, or why I have my thirty rule. I’m imposing limits on myself.

I’m only twenty-three… Get a grip.




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