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On fire

I was on fire today. I got everything I needed to do done and then some. Go me.

It always amazes me how some people can be so brazen. In society we are encouraged to speak out however there is a line. 

It amazes me that someone can ask for help with something and then while you do as you are asked they proceed to chat and carry out nothing. I will have let this go by morning but it just emphasises to me how oblivious people can be. 

I offered to help, not do it all for you. 

I always try to mind my tongue and consider others feelings in all that I do. I think this makes me a good person, so it frustrates me when the same courtesy is not extended. It makes me rethink my own process and wonder if I consider others too much. I used to think this was not possible but now that I am older I realise I may be incorrect. Minding my tongue often makes me fume inside rather than letting my emotions out. Maybe some people behave like this because they don’t have the capacity to analyse their thoughts and feelings on a matter, or cannot keep it bottled up. 

I don’t know. I just know that there is a happy medium somewhere and I intend to find it. I won’t always take whats given to me anymore, but I refuse to be rude and obnoxious about it. 

I will find the balance. 🙂





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