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Hi. I created this blog for one reason only and that is to improve myself and my writing skills.

I used to write all the time up until I turned 19 and as I became caught up in the adult world my writing dwindled. I’m sure I am not alone in feeling like adult life has dulled my imagination. I’m unsure if this is because my life is no longer filled with the drama it once (felt like there) was or whether it is that I am content with life as I know it and conclude I no longer need to vent my frustrations. I am wrong in both.

I am now married, a home owner, a companion to my Husky and generally a responsible human being. The thing is this – I have come to realise recently that I never venture any opinions vocally. No matter how thoroughly I feel on a subject, I listen to others and do not contribute my own thoughts. I am hoping this blog will change this fact and empower me to voice my thoughts in everyday life.

I constantly rant to my long suffering husband about my day and what I shoulda, coulda, woulda said in one situation or another. I need to stop or one day his ears will fall off and nobody wants that.

I need to stick up for my thoughts, my feelings and most important of all myself. I put a lot of effort into making sure I am a good and honest person and no one should have the power to make me feel crap. No one.

So, this blog has a lot of work to do, so it better get to it! Prepare yourself for inane ramblings and a crazy train of thoughts.

Thanks for reading.



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